The Kitchen Worktop Guide: What is Quartz?

Due to its durability, solid surface worktops are the number one choice when it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop.

With so many different solid surface worktops on the market offering an array of colours, textures and patterns we are spoilt for choice.  T

This can make the process of choosing which kitchen work surface is best for you a little more difficult.

In our kitchen worktop guide, we aim to provide the facts enabling you to make an informed decision for when it comes to you choosing your kitchen worktop.


Quartz is a compound made up of 90% natural quartz which makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient and perfect for kitchens. 

It is a non-porous material, meaning it doesn’t allow liquid to pass through the surface and it is highly resistant to stains, from coffee, wine and lemon juice to name just a few.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops, Noble Kitchens Coventry and Warwickhire
Silestone in Blanco Zeus


Quartz is available in a range of different textures, so there is sure to be a quartz surface to suit your kitchen.

Silestone offer a range of finishes including polished, volcano and suede.


Polished Silestone is the more classic look which gives the smooth feel of natural stone.  This deep and pure surface shows Silestone quartz with elegance and clarity.

Polished Silestone Worktop - Noble Kitchens, Coventry and Warwickshire
Polished Silestone Worktop


The Silestone Suede finish is a remarkable textured surface that offers a uniquely soft touch and total colour consistency.

Suede Silestone Worktop - Noble Kitchens, Coventry and Warwickshire
Suede Silestone Worktop


Volcano is the new Silestone texture; a soft and rustic texture that answers the markets demand by extending the offer for those who loves the rugged material.

Volcano Silestone Worktop - Noble Kitchens, Coventry and Warwickshire
Volcano Silestone Worktop

Silestone is available in 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm thicknesses and to enhance the look of your kitchen your worktop can be finished with a number of edges, please click here to view.

For that extra piece of mind, Silestone is the only brand that offers a 25 year warranty.

Silestone - Charcoal Soapstone Worktop, Noble Kitchens Coventry and Warwickshire
Silestone - Charcoal Soapstone Worktop

We offer an array of brands and work surfaces and aim to give the best advice to our customers when it comes to choosing what is right for them and their kitchen.

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