The Kitchen Guide: The Shaker Kitchen Door

The Shaker kitchen door is a design that has truly stood the test of time.  For us it remains one of our most popular choices.

The shaker door can suit almost any kitchen and home due to its versatility as it can be dressed up or down through careful choice of colours, hardware and accessories.

This style of kitchen can be found in more traditional country style kitchens, or can be modernised and found in a contemporary home.

Shaker Kitchen Door

The shaker door is a 5 piece panel door which number of materials including wood and vinyl.  However you want your kitchen to look, with an array of colours and beading options available there is sure to be a shaker style that you will be looking for.

Shaker Kitchen

We have a wide range of Shaker doors on display in our showroom and we are able to offer bespoke, made to measure and bespoke painted services.  If you would like to arrange to pop in and visit, then please get in touch.