Top tips for planning your new kitchen.

So, you have decided to take the plunge and invest in a brand new kitchen, but where do you start?  What space do you need? What colours do you choose?  How are you going to manage when it’s being fitted…? It can be a lot to get your head around, right?

Take a look below at our top tips when planning your kitchen!


#1 What is your budget?

This is the boring bit…but work out a budget, how much do you have to spend?  When you are looking for a kitchen you need to have a realistic figure in mind on how much you can spend, then build your kitchen around that figure – there is no point in shopping around and choosing a high-end kitchen and when its comes to the crunch your budget won’t stretch!  We try and work with our clients and their budgets to ensure that they are getting the best kitchen for them, some can be reluctant to share their budget but tell us what kitchen they want – and then find that the quotation is ‘out of their budget’.   So try and be as open and honest as possible, any reputable retailer will work with you to get the most out of your budget.

#2  What do you ‘need’ and what do you ‘want’?

Get out a pen and paper and write out your ‘needs and wants’ list.  So you may need an oven, large fridge freezer, larger work top space and more storage space.  Aside from that, you may then want a kitchen island and integrated coffee machine.  Having these ideas written down all helps when it comes to designing your kitchen, and again ensuring that you work within your budget.  You want to make sure you have everything you need, and if you have some money left over, you can start bringing in some of the things you REALLY want!

#3 What style of kitchen do you want?

Choosing a kitchen is a big decision and it’s the most expensive area of the home to renovate, but luckily there are many ways today that you can get ideas and inspiration.  Visit different showrooms, gather brochures, ask lots of questions and get as much advice as you can.  Secondly, there is so much available online.  Pinterest is great as you can pin images and create boards for different projects, and so is Houzz – an online network for professionals and consumers to share and collaborate on ideas and projects so take a look!

Planning your kitchen, top tips

#4 Design

The design of your kitchen not only needs to be attractive, but also practical.  A good designer will consider all aspects of your home life, from your personality and taste, to how you work in your kitchen and what is important to you, get a few points written down that you want to discuss and work with your designer to get the best out of your new kitchen.

#5 Worktops

There are so many styles of worktops available and these vary in price.  Again, think about how and who will be using your kitchen.  If you don’t plan on staying in your home for too long there is no point in spending out a lot of money on a beautiful worktop.  However, if this is your home for years to come, in may be worth investing that little bit more.

#6 Appliances

Do you need to replace all of your appliances?  Would you like a brand new kitchen and top of the range appliances to match?  What appliances are a ‘must have’?  With so much on the market there really is so much choice, do some research and see whats out there.

#7 Lighting

Lighting in a kitchen is so important, so when planning your kitchen decide if this needs addressing too. If you find that your kitchen is quite dark, or that you would benefit from additional lighting in a particular area, remember to factor this in to your costs as well as your design.

#8 Colour schemes

Have a think about the overall look you want to gain, a splash of colour can be added into any element of a kitchen, not just the walls – whether that be splashbacks, worktops, cupboard and drawer fronts – there is so much choice so think about the colour scheme you want to go for and how you would like to incorporate this into your kitchen.

#9 Be prepared

Once you have your kitchen ordered and booked in the diary, think about how you will manage whilst your kitchen is being fitted, plan out your meals – now may be the time to call on a few favours with the promise of a dinner party in your new kitchen as a thank you once all the work is complete!?

Most importantly, take your time in choosing your dream kitchen, it’s an exciting time so dont’t rush the process…and enjoy!